since our skin is the largest organ in our body, it makes sense that it would aggravate us if it was itchy. various factors can cause dry or sensitive skin, including high temperatures in the summer and chilly temperatures during the winter. the environment can't always be changed, but changing your shower routine can help relieve your skin's irritation and maintain moisturized skin. make sure you keep this advice in mind next time you shower.


why is it important to change your shower routine?

the importance of showering in skin care cannot be overstated. despite how simple the process may seem, it can be pretty challenging. during the harsh winter months, the way you shower can have an impact on the appearance and feel of your skin. it is just as important to take care of your body as your face when it comes to taking care of your skin. 


shower survival tips for dry skin

it is crucial to pay attention to every step of your skincare routine so that your skin head-to-toe is kept moisturized and nourished.

dry skin is susceptible to the effects of the wrong products and practices. the right products and techniques can help you avoid irritation, but the wrong ones can worsen the problem.


keep the heat at a low level

if you have dry skin, a hot shower might feel like the best thing you can do to cure it. however, it will only prolong the problem even more. as a result of hot water, your skin becomes even dryer since the hot water washes away nourishing oil. keep the temperature warm to protect your sensitive skin.


keep your shower time to a minimum 

the water in a shower might feel soothing to the skin, but it will dry out your skin cells if you stay underneath for too long. when you shower for a longer period of time, you wash away more oil. you should limit the time you spend in the shower to between 10 and 15 minutes and take only one shower per day to prevent dry skin. it may be a good idea to skip a day between showers if possible, or to use a washcloth for areas that need more attention.


keep exfoliating in moderation

although it can feel nice to use an exfoliating scrub all over, these abrasive products can potentially disrupt your skin barrier. often referred to as the moisture barrier, this protective layer helps seal hydration beneath your skin's surface; when it's compromised, you run the risk of dryness, flaking, and irritation. too much exfoliation can lead to cracking and general discomfort, so it's best to limit yours to once or twice a week with a gentle chemical exfoliant like the exfoliant reveal by adewunmi, which eliminates fine lines, wrinkles, rough skin, and pigmentation.


choose a bath soak suitable for sensitive dry skin

you may notice that your skin is extra sensitive during the winter months due to harsh environmental factors like cold winds and dry air. due to this, you should switch from a fragrance-containing body soak to a fragrance-free one since fragrances can cause redness and discomfort when your skin is dry. containing ingredients to balance and strengthen your skin barrier, the calm + comfortable moisturizing bath soak is a perfect choice.


apply moisturizer while your skin is still wet 

moisturizing your skin should be done when the skin is slightly damp. to help seal water into your surface cells, pat your body dry gently after bathing and apply moisturizer immediately. there is no doubt that it is effective and efficient to use the body cream; this product is suitable for dry and sensitive skin.


moisturize your skin with thick cream

it is best to use a thick moisturizer when it comes to skincare. skin that is severely dry or sensitive responds best to oils because they prevent water from evaporating. there is a mixture of oil and water in ointments and creams, which are lighter than lotions. it's less greasy than butter, but you'll have to apply it more often since lotions are mostly water with powder crystals. it may be appropriate to wear a light lotion during the day and use a thicker oil or cream at night for some people.


the scrub can be skipped

using abrasive cleaners and cloths to remove dry, flaky skin may seem like a great idea, but they can irritate sensitive skin. it is essential to avoid using abrasive materials on your face, especially if your skin is dry. the best alternative is to moisturize. when scrubbing, keep it gentle.


bottom line

choosing the right skin care for each customer's skin type is a key component of our service at adewunmi. With our skincare experts' help, you can identify your specific needs and receive recommendations for the best products and methods. whether you're concerned about acne or dry, sensitive skin, or trying to find a solution to improve your overall skin health, we have the products and knowledge you need.


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