it can feel like you're going around in circles when you're trying to figure out what skincare routine to follow for combination skin. do you know what happens to your skin when it decides to be oily and dry at the same time? do not worry about it. finding a routine that softens dry patches and combats shininess may not be easy, but it is certainly possible. oily and dry patches do not necessarily need to be in the most common areas, and neither should dry and oily patches be in the most common areas.

skincare routine for combination skin

think conservatively when choosing a skincare routine for combination skin. it's important to think about your skin type when choosing skincare products. make sure that you select products that have the ability to moisturize dry skin without making them oily. you should only apply treatments where they are needed for the specific issues you are experiencing.

morning skin routine

the following skincare routine will help you create a more balanced skin tone.

  • wash your face.

  • you should remove any buildup that has occurred overnight. you should remove any buildup that has occurred overnight. black soap is a cleanser that gently cleanses the skin, helps heal it, and imparts a vivifying glow with a mix of botanical extracts.

    use toner.

    a toner helps to remove any oil that your cleanser did not remove, as well as balance the ph level of your skin. natural facial toner combines silk amino acids with moisture-inducing ingredients to moisturize deeply.

    make your face look fresh by applying serum. 

    your skin is hydrated and protected by serums or treatments. in order to maintain hydrated skin, you should choose a serum that contains hyaluronic acid.

    moisturizer your skin. 

    you should use two moisturizers if you have combination skin. creamy formulas are best suited for dry areas. choosing a water-based, lightweight formula is ideal for oily parts of the body. 

    don't forget the sunscreen.

    it's best to choose a lightweight formula with an spf of at least 30.

    makeup is up to you.

    the use of lightweight products is recommended if desired. oil-free formulas should be used for foundations and concealers.

    evening skincare routine

    the following routine should be applied in the evening:

    remove your makeup.

    it is important to use makeup remover if you wear makeup in order to keep your pores open and allow your skin to breathe. this can be accomplished with micellar water, which is one of the gentlest products available.

    cleanse your face.

    makeup remnants and natural buildup should be removed during the night with an effective nighttime cleanser.

    exfoliate your skin.

    the use of exfoliants once a week is great because they remove dead skin cells, which keep pores clear and relieve dry skin.

    wear a facial mask.

    make sure you practice multi-masking once a week, which involves applying different masks to different parts of your face at the same time.

    apply serum, treatment, or moisturizer to your skin. 

    choosing a moisturizer that is emollient-rich for dry areas is the right choice for the evening. use the best moisturizer for combination skin by adewunmi glow getter moisturizer, it contains a highly-emollient night cream for skin where more oil is required without making the skin feel greasy.

    when dealing with acne

    • salicylic acid-based cleansers are recommended.
    • wearing makeup requires double cleansing at night.
    • the use of toner helps to remove excess oil and fight blemishes and blackheads.

    when dealing with anti-aging

    in order to maintain a more mature-looking complexion, you'll want to plump fine lines, banish dark spots, and lift sagging skin when you create a skincare routine. the following tips will help:

    • make sure you clean, treat and apply sunscreen to your neck.
    • due to the sensitivity of your skin, you may want to choose a gentler exfoliant.

    when dealing with dry skin

    keep your skin hydrated at all times. it is important to drink plenty of water and apply a super-hydrating moisturizer to dry patches to keep your skin hydrated.

    how does combination skin differ from normal skin?

    as with other skin types, combination skin is normal. the difference between combination skin and oily skin is that combination skin is oily in certain areas and dry in others. there is a tendency for people to have oily t-zones and dry cheeks, for example.

    how does combination skin develop?

    there is no specific cause of combination skin. it is genetically predetermined, but it can change as a result of hormonal changes and seasonal changes. it is common for our skin to become drier and less oily as we age, as hormones change. contraceptives and periods are also factors that cause skin changes due to hormones.

    which signs should i look out for?

    it is possible to have a mixture of oily and dry skin in a variety of ways and at different levels. neither the look nor feel of your skin adheres to one fixed rule, and you're not going to have 5 percent dry and 50% oily skin all the time. taking note of how your combination appears will help you figure out what you should do.

    oiliness can be detected in the following ways:

    • having a shiny complexion.
    • pores with a larger appearance.
    • acne.

    the following signs may indicate dryness:

    • a flaky surface.
    • redness.
    • the sensation of tightness or roughness.

    at adewunmi, our skincare products are tailored to meet the needs of combination skin. we are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your skin or what to do about it!

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