a daily skin care program is necessary to maintain the health and appearance of oily skin. adewunmi has developed a gentle skin care regimen that uses non-comedogenic moisturizers, creams, serums, and cleansers to help get rid of extra shine and oil. additionally, each product is developed with components that might assist your skin in retaining moisture and rebuilding the skin's barrier.

a daily and nightly routine is essential for oily skin to deal with excess oil, avoid fine wrinkles, and everything else. there is most definitely a minimal amount of work you occasionally perform for both morning and night. you may occasionally skip either one or both. always wash in the shower, no matter what. never wear makeup to bed under any circumstances. you may understand how that nighttime regimen can occasionally be overlooked if you don't always apply cosmetics.

a new routine for you

you should always wash your face, exfoliate, moisturize, and wear sunscreen to maintain overall good skin health. the idea that using moisturizer will only make oily skin greasier is frequent among those with oily skin. you are forcing the skin to try to compensate and create extra oil by not using adequate moisturizer.


each morning and evening, wash your face. cleanse your skin before bed to remove the accumulated grime over the day. always wash your face in the morning, even if your skin feels refreshing. your skin produces skin cells and oils as you sleep. your skin may become overly glossy and break out due to this. make use of a cleanser with oily skin in mind, like the black soap of adewunmi.  


exfoliating is an excellent way to remove dead skin cells, oil, and grime from your pores. adewunmi recommends an exfoliator like the exfoliant reveal.

alpha hydroxy acid (aha) and beta hydroxy acid are two active chemicals in chemical exfoliants that remove dead skin cells from the skin (bha). the aha glycolic acid is better for oily skin. salicylic acid, another staple of bhas, is also suitable for oily skin.

be careful not to overdo it and limit your exfoliation to twice per week. dry, red, or irritated skin can result from over-exfoliating. consider exfoliating at night because some substances increase your risk of sunburn.

apply treatment

because of its influence on cell turnover, retinol is excellent for minimizing the fine lines and wrinkles and can help smooth out the texture of your skin. retinol also has the added benefit of minimizing pores and aiding in treating acne.

overusing cosmetics with active chemicals like acids or retinol might irritate your skin. use a maximum of once daily and occasionally less. since these substances make your skin sensitive to sunlight, nighttime is typically preferable.

you might wish to utilize an acne treatment instead because acne is a problem many people with oily skin also experience. acne can be banished with the aid of products containing sulfur, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide.

we're available for discussion about what's best for your skin. depending on your particular skin issue, you might also want to consider additional over-the-counter remedies or stronger prescription medication.


you might think adding moisture to oily skin will negatively impact you. however, in real life, it's a crucial element in your oily skin care regimen. we pick the hydrating mango moisturizer for your skin.

apply sunscreen

apply sunscreen in the morning, whether it's raining or cloudy outside. simply check the ingredient list to ensure that there aren't any pore-clogging substances, such as:

  • avobenzone
  • oxyphenones
  • benzophenones
  • methoxycinnamate
  • para-aminobenzoic acid (paba)

are you looking for products that can help your oily skin? contact adewunmi today!

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