taking care of your skin is essential since the skin is the largest organ in your body. it is generally perceived that glowing skin indicates health and vitality. a dull or dry appearance can lead to a feeling of having low self-esteem.


regarding skincare goals, the word glowing seems to rank among everyone's top priorities. as part of our search for a healthy, radiant skin complexion, we dug deep into the research, consulted experts, and explored time-tested rituals.


  • use sunscreen every day to keep your skin safe from the sun.

the best way to protect your skin from the sun is to apply a reliable mineral-based spf daily. to protect your skin from the sun, adewunmi recommends using mineral sunscreen with an spf of 30 or higher at the end of your morning skincare routine. mineral sunscreen acts as a physical barrier, which means you should apply it at the end of your skincare routine before makeup. furthermore, you will not be able to penetrate any skincare activities. 


  • consider taking collagen supplements.

you and your skin are made up of collagen, the most abundant protein in your body. when you get older, your collagen level decreases. hair, skin, and nail health are improved by collagen supplements, which contain amino acids. ingesting hydrolyzed collagen peptides is an effective way to increase collagen production by stimulating fibroblasts, which are responsible for making collagen and elastin in the first place while promoting a healthy, glowing, firm complexion. moreover, this claim is backed up by cold hard evidence. research shows that collagen peptides are capable of supporting:

  • skin elasticity
  • hydration,
  • dermal collagen density.


  • exfoliate.

you can improve your skin's texture, absorb your skin care products better, and have a more radiant appearance by removing the outer layers of dead skin cells. make sure not to scrub or use any offensive materials on your skin. exfoliant reveal smoothes rough unevenness, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, and pigmentation while gentle to your skin.

  • make sure your gut is healthy.

gut-skin axis is even named after this connection. gut health is complex and nuanced, and taking the time to learn how to nourish our gut flora is essential. the gut's microbial balance can be disrupted by anything disturbing, leading to inflammation and oxidative stress. these imbalances can manifest themselves into skin problems if left untreated.


  • make sure your diet contains healthy fats. 

skin and hair can suffer from excessive dryness when they do not eat enough healthy fats. adding more fats to the diet could aid certain skin conditions marked by excessive dryness.


  • maintain the health of your skin microbiome.

microbes on the skin are essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced complexion. besides keeping skin hydrated and smooth, these bacteria fight free radicals, stave off external aggressors, and protect it from harmful uv rays. you can save it by avoiding harsh soaps and scrubs, which can remove the essential oils from your skin and remove the bacteria which make up your skin microbiome. boost your skin's microbiome by using skincare products containing specific formulations.


  • after taking a bath, it is advisable to apply skin care products.

moisture is probably one of the essential elements of healthy skin. besides a quality skincare routine, the timing of when you apply your skincare routine plays a vital role in moisture retention. after you hop out of the shower, start your skincare routine as soon as possible. after washing, applying moisturizer to your face and body will replenish and seal in moisture.

using natural bubble bath, you can experience a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. you can imagine how your skin will feel after using this bubble bath and following up with your skincare.


  • start massaging your face regularly.

performing facial massage can not only feel good but also reduce tension and increase blood circulation, thereby maintaining healthy skin cells and stimulating lymphatic drainage. use a jade roller on your face or a daily gua sha routine. the glow you will get from facial massages afterward is worth the time. the light you will get from facial massages afterward is worth the time. 


  • consume foods rich in antioxidants.

it has been shown that fruits and vegetables contain the most antioxidants. blueberries, kale, spinach, and dark chocolate are some foods packed with antioxidants that should be incorporated into your diet.


  • maintain an active lifestyle.

increasing blood flow throughout your body can bring more minerals, oxygen, and nutrients to your skin. you will have a better-looking complexion as a result of working out. 


  • make use of vitamin c.

the best topical ingredient to highlight glowing skin is vitamin c. vitamin c evens out the skin and brightens the tone of all skin types. these claims have been proven by extensive research. vitamin c can also improve skin tone and encourage balanced pigmentation, protecting against the effects of environmental aggressors and promoting collagen and elastin production. vitamin c is essential for healthy skin.


  • keep yourself hydrated.


if you wish to maintain a healthy complexion, it is essential to drink enough water. keeping your skin hydrated is vital for keeping it healthy, glowing, and moisturized. in addition to all those benefits, drinking enough water has endless other advantages. the general guideline for water consumption is eight glasses a day. however, there is no one-size-fits-all with water intake, so tune in to what your body needs.

adewunmi's organic and customized skincare products are designed to meet your unique skin care needs. you can handle all skin concerns such as dry skin, oily skin, thin skin, age spots, and fine lines with adewunmi's organic skin care. adewunmi's customized skincare will address every client's problem areas. it does not mean that your needs will be the same as someone else's with the same skin type and tone. with customized skincare, you can tailor your regimen to your specific concerns.

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